Reveille Coffee SF – cup: abandoned

Reveille Coffee has several locations across San Francisco, we visited their store on Columbus Avenue.

Google maps:

The building is beautiful, letting light come in from all sides in the morning – this definitely helps to wake up.

As expected in San Francisco, the coffee menu is hip enough to have coffee names on it that nobody could possibly pronounce right:

For the pour itself, beans were carefully weighed. The filter was not rinsed, and I didn’t see a timer in action. The pours were relatively large and the whole process seemed a bit rushed. The surprise came at the end. The barista let the coffee sit around for a good 4-5 minutes, with over-infused brew still dripping into the cup.

This was even more surprising and annoying, as the excellent food had come out extremely fast (and hence much earlier). At time of coffee arrival only a take-away slice of cake was left…

All together Reveille Cafe is worth a visit, and I hope next time they don’t abandon the poor cup just like that.

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