Soma Coffee Roasters – take a trip, it’s worth it

In the North East corner of Seoul, near the Seoul Furniture Museum, we found Soma Coffee Roasters in Buam Dong (부암동).

Naver maps link:소마 부암동

Google maps:

Even though it is a bit off the beaten track, the cafe is worth a trip. It is not the most modern place. But it is clearly run by people who love coffee.

The roasting equipment is right in the cafe, and there is plenty of seating.

The menu is extremely extensive. In fact we can’t recall a place with more options for pour-over coffee recently.

The preparation was fairly ‘intuitive’. We would have loved to see them add the extra bit of care with scales and timers. But none of the two were on duty.

But the barista poured extremely slowly and carefully, which makes a big difference for infusion. And it is just nice to watch, too.

The flavor of the Ethiopia Aricha was a very dark chocolate that I personally really enjoyed. Soma is a journey away from Downtown, but it’s worth it.

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