&gather – gathering in no man’s land

A bit in no man’s land near Hannam Ogori (한남오거리) towards the Han, but we still went: &gather / 앤게더.

Naver maps link: 앤게더

Google maps:

The place looks a little uncoordinated at first, but they have it all figured out (or most of it at least).

There’s a lot of single origins and blends on the menu:

Preparation was extremely meticulous, except a little speedy. All components including filters were rinsed prior to the ground entering the scene. Only the main pour seemed very quick – just over 1 minute.

Surprisingly the result was a very intense cup. The Chelchele had a surprising toffee note, but also a nice bit of ripe orange – at least based on my non-expert nose.

&gather (or however you really spell it) is well worth a visit – it is a very short walk from Hannam station or Hannam Ogori.

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