Beliefcoffee roasters – flowers on the wall

Near Hapjeong station (합정역), very close to buzzing Hongdae, we went to check out Beliefcoffee roasters (빌리프커피로스터스).

Naver maps link: 빌리프커피로스터스

Google maps:

The place stretches across ground floor and basement. The ground floor is bright and has nicely spaced tables. The basement is set up a little bit like a theater.

Wide stairs to sit on, overseeing the rest of the tables. And flower pots on the wall – why not.

The coffee menu is fairly standard, most beans are roasted on site.

Preparation of the pour-overs was very mixed. The barista rinsed the brown paper filters and components. But in this otherwise beautiful place, they seemed to have forgotten scales and timers. Less than 2 minutes of rapid pouring and that was that.

The 2 coffees we had, had one thing in common: they were very sour. Important to note that we actually prefer a nice acidity, but this was a lot of it.

The Kenya Yara had a nice bit of chocolate, and then plenty sour. The Ethiopia Sidamo was very sour and at least our amateur noses weren’t able to distill much more.

Last but not least: Bonus points for extremely tasty Tiramisu.

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