Voyage Coffee Beijing – Perfect Hutong pour-over

Steps away from the hustle of Nanluoguxiang (南锣鼓巷) in Beijing, hidden in a small side street, lies Voyage Coffee.

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The cafe is a beautifully restored Hutong. A gorgeous combination of old and young.

The coffee menu has three options for hand-drip. Unfortunately we were not able to decipher if they are single origins or blends. But we chose the Red Cherry.

Preparation was perfect and beautiful to watch. Filter, dripper and all were rinsed. Timer and scale present. The pour was a large amount of very slow and patient circles.

The result was a cup that reminded us of Black Tea; rich in tannins like a red wine. Interesting note but not a personal favorite taste-wise.

Regardless, we highly recommend to check Voyage Coffee out!

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