Metal Hands Beijing – small space, nice looks

Between many small shops, and in the middle of another very popular area of Beijing, the Wudaoying Hutong, we checked out Metal Hands Coffee.

Google maps:

The place is small. Very. Small. A bar with maybe 8 seats. And right behind people’s behinds are a few seats along the wall. The design is clean and modern, it’s a really cool place. But very small.

The coffee menu is detailed and should have something for every hand-drip coffee fan:

Preparation looked pretty. But it was not precise by any standard. No scale or timer; just intuition. What started with a small pour, was then finished with a one time filling of the dripper and that was it.

The Kenyan coffee was fairly thin, but still pretty tasty. Light peach, but hard to say. The cheese cake was pretty good though!

All in all, it is worth checking the place out and take a few photos, but chances are you won’t really find space in there. Unless you’re ok looking at a strangers behind while you’re having coffee.

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