Ikovox Apgujeong – spacious and serious about pour-over

Not only in Itaewon, right by Garosu-gil and in Coex, but also right at Apgujeong station: Ikovox Coffee.

Naver maps link: 이코복스커피

Google maps:

The cafe is very conveniently located, only steps from the subway and close to Hyundai department store.

It stretches over two large floors and features a very classic, stylish design. Also it provides plenty of seating with ample space between tables. Privacy included.

The menu for pour-over is very long. Ironically, the first few coffees on the ‘single origin’ menu are ‘blends’:

Preparation was near perfect. Thorough rinse of components and filter. Hyper precise weighing in of the beans. Exactly timed and scaled water pour. A patient couple of individual pours.

The result did not rock the boat taste wise (we found the Ethiopian pretty light and except a little peach not much – but that could also be a light cold that had us that day).

Nevertheless, this Ikovox location found new fans in us and we definitely recommend it for hand-drip coffee. And tasty carrot cake. Just saying.

If you’re interested, also check out our reviews of the Itaewon location or the Garosu-gil location.

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