Don’t Panic – surely no reason to flip

Update October 2018: Cafe is gone. Walked by and a new store seems to be moving one. Bye now.

Following the original post from January 2018:

Another cafe that moved in from further away into the up and coming neighborhood of Bogwang-dong, on the border with Hannam-dong (near the Itaewon mosque): Don’t panic.

Naver maps link: 돈패닉 한남동

Google maps:

The cafe is simple and surely doesn’t cause reason to panic. The place is very normal. Nothing to write home about.

A basic bar and some standard coffee options are available:

Preparation of the hand-drip coffee started on a high. Scales and rinsed components were in place. The pour itself was a bit ‘different’. A wooden spoon to constantly stir the coffee. Also, the barista kept scratching the sides of the dripper. For sure maximized water exposure, but it looked a bit random. Might just be my amateur point of view.

The cup was surprisingly thin. A light peach note, not much more.

All in all, all was pretty average. Solid coffee but nothing to cross town for.

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