A Drip Cafe – Basic hand-drip on cosy corner

A little off the very center of Seoul we went to a cute corner coffee shop near 청구역: A Drip Cafe.

Naver maps link: 에이드립카페

Google maps:

We found this place through a Naver blog, otherwise it is unlikely to stumble upon it.

It is located right on a corner with enough space, and the menu is home to 2-3 options for hand drip coffee. A bonus, coffee is only 4K Won.

The pour was fairly ‘intuitive’ without any tools. Filter was not rinsed (but dripper was), no timers and no scale. But the time was still kept, just in the end water had to be added – presumably the grind was too fine, so the water flow was too slow to get the right amount on time.

The result was a toffee taste rich cup, that worked pretty well with the pie. All in all, nothing stellar but acceptable if you happen to be in the area.

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