33apartment – pretty home, but drop the spoon

Another instagram heavy weight in the books: 33apartment in Hannam-dong.

Naver maps link: 33apartment 한남동

Google maps:

The cafe is beautifully designed, and don’t be surprised if it looks a bit small at first: there’s a spacious basement with plenty of seats and selfie opportunities.

We really liked how they integrated themselves into the original structure of the house – including keeping original staircases. This way, it feels like a mini exploration – granted, one that lasts 2 minutes.

The coffee menu is home to a lot of options, that are primarily batch brewed. Upon asking, it was no issue to get them as a pour-over. Even though the place was very busy.

Preparation was ok. Components and filters were rinsed, scale in sight, but probably no timer.

I am personally not the biggest fan of the wooden spoon and the ‘stir and scratch’ of the dripper that comes with it. Instead I like to think the beans need some time alone to mingle with the water. But that’s just a personal thing, probably.

The result was a fairly strong, but tasty cup. Definitely dark fruits, and maybe some chocolate or toffee.

All in all, 33apartment is worth a visit: friendly people, good coffee and good for photos, too.

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