Fit Coffee – very low-key in Hannam

We had tried a few times before, but this time got more lucky. The doors were open at Fit Coffee in Hannam-dong.

Naver maps link: 피트커피 한남동

Google maps:

The place is tucked away in a bit of a backstreet. But it is only a few minutes walking from Hannam Ogori.

We visited in the midst of winter, so the outside wasn’t really an option. But during summer months it can surely be a nice spot to hang out.

The inside doesn’t really exist that much, except for a table and the counter. As far as coffee goes, one bean was available.

As far as preparation goes, components (except the brown paper filter) were rinsed. Temperature was monitored, and the pour itself was slow and careful. But no timer or scale.

The result was a decent cup, heavy on malt. Even though it may not be necessary to travel here from far away, it can be a good stop-over if you’re in the area and want to try a small cafe – surely off the beaten track.

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