Bean Plateau – Antiques and charme

Few steps away from Oksu Station (옥수역), right across the river from central Gangnam, we went to visit Bean Plateau.

Naver maps link: 빈플래토

Google maps:

The ground floor is pretty standard. Very busy at time of visit during the weekend, and a little bit unorganized. But that has it’s charme, too.

The basement on the other hand is next level.

Full of very pretty semi antique furniture, it is pretty unique. A very cosy space, definitely worth checking out.

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With 5 beans on the menu, there should be one for most people.

Preparation was almost spotless. The only minus was, that brown paper filters were not rinsed (a risk to have papery taste in the coffee later). The pour itself was very slow and patient, beans and water were weighed.

The very pleasant result was a fresh, pomegranate-taste filled cup of Ethiopian coffee.

Go and check it out, whether it’s for the good coffee or your love for furniture!

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