Coffee Profilers Berlin – East Berlin special

In Berlin, the home of many things hip, specialty coffee has surely arrived and is slowly expanding. In East Berlin, just a few kilometers away from Alexanderplatz, we went to check out Coffee Profilers.

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The cafe is very low profile and simple, but still nice and most of all spacious. A good point to load up on caffeine before further exploring this part of town.

The barista didn’t really know what coffee they were using for pour-over, but the manager was promptly around.

The pour itself was very by the books – maybe easy for Germans πŸ™‚ Components were thoroughly rinsed, scale and timer used, and he poured slowly and carefully.

We can definitely recommend to stop by – not only because it seems they really care about a good pour, but also because it’s a great opportunity to explore Berlin beyond the classic tourist hot spots.

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