Kona Coffee & Tea Company Hawaii – island vibes

On a not so sunny day in Kona, Hawaii, we went to check out Kona Coffee & Tea Company.

Google maps:

The cafe is a standalone house and is nestled between strip malls, but has a nice amount of outdoor seating, as well as a good inside space with high and low tables for plenty of people.

Besides an extensive coffee and snack menu, they also sell a wide variety of beans. For pour-over they for obvious reasons only offer local coffee (mostly own roasts), including a Peaberry which I went ahead with.

Whereas the process was very ‘intuitive’, and as so often on these islands, scales and timers were nowhere to be found. But the pour was slow and included some initial blooming, too. Most importantly the team was very friendly and in a good mood – also, as so often around here.

The result was a fairly heavy-handed cup filled with a toffee note and also some chocolate. Definitely a tasty cup and worth stopping by.

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