Morning Brew Haiwaii – poor Peaberry

During a day out near Lanikai Beach in Hawaii, we went to further explore local pour-over spots, this time at Morning Brew in Kailua.

Google maps:

The place is not far from the beach, it stretches over 2 floors and a lot of people seem to hang out for a long time – a cosy place.

The coffee menu is standard, for pour-over there were 4 options:

I followed the recommendation for Peaberry (sort of intuitive, it is the most elusive bean after all). Preparation was, in short, a mix of sadness and [enter negative attribute of your choice]. There was no scale or timer. Nothing was rinsed. Coffee went into dripper, all water in one continuous flow, done in 40 seconds. Nothing made up – that’s it.

The result was a cup of lightly colored, but warm water. Maybe a hint of chocolate.

Probably the place is under-staffed, or something else seems to force this rush. But no peaberry coffee should end like this.

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