Ground Central NY – hasty sadness

Ground Central looked very promising getting in: a dark setup, plenty of seats, friendly people.

Google maps:

There was no real pour-over menu, but rather we got to choose from the bags of La Colombe beans by the bar.

As far as preparation goes: big disappointment. I assume it was a busy time of the day, but this was really surprising. None of the components were rinsed (not even the probably pretty cold metal dripper) and then the beans did not get a single second to bloom. It helps to pour a little water first and wait ~30 seconds to make sure all the Carbon dioxide is gone – but nobody seemed to care. Instead, the metal cone was filled at once. And then it stayed full for a long time (so the coarseness was probably also off).

Not really worth going into taste details – wasn’t much. There’s probably a good reason for all this – but all this is also a good reason to look at alternatives for hand-drip coffee in Manhattan.

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