Daylight Mind Coffee Hawaii – ocean-side beauty

In ‘downtown’ Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, there is plenty to see and do, and as there are plenty of coffee plantations in the area, there’s no shortage in coffee shops either. On our way through we checked out Daylight Mind Coffee Company.

Google Maps:

The cafe is right by the waterfront – a beautiful location. The setup is very open, with a lot of space inside, but also plenty of outside seats to take in the beautiful ocean view and Hawaii weather.

They are fairly serious about coffee here. Plenty of options for pour-over coffee to choose from, and of course, plenty of espresso based drinks, too:

Preparation was one of the more serious we encountered in Hawaii. A Chemex was the tool of choice, and the pour was executed nice and slow, including a scale. Also prior to brewing, components were rinsed and heated to make sure the coffee has the right conditions to fully develop.

The result, was a bit of a surprise. Probably due to lack of fully trained senses. We had a cup of Aklahha Farms coffee, but whereas it was sweet, there wasn’t much floral or citrus there. Instead it had a pretty strong chocolate note. But definitely a good cup, no doubt.

Overall, Daylight Mind Coffee Company is worth a visit. The seriousness about coffee, but also the setup right by the ocean are strong arguments.

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