Daeroo Coffee – great beans, more potential

Between Hapjeong (합정역) and Mangwon station (망원역) we went to check out Daeroo Coffee Roasters.

Naver maps link: 대루커피 망원동

Google maps:

The cafe is small, but has space for probably 15 people quite comfortably. The design is nice and simple, and so is the menu. There is nothing much but coffee – and the beans are mostly roasted by the team itself.

When we visited, the only bean for pour-over coffee available was an Ethiopian G1 Beloya Natural. By no means a bad thing that the menu is slim, if the option is this tempting!

Preparation overall probably didn’t get the best out of the bean. The brown filter was not rinsed prior to the pour, and there was also no timer or scale. But interesting enough the barista was very particular about water temperature – so maybe the rest also was fully intuitive?

We found the cup a little bit over-extracted, but the blueberry was still there and it was overall a pretty tasty cup.

Daeroo Coffee is overall worth a visit if you’re nearby, and the filter situation was surely an exception.

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