Greyt Coffee – truly great in every way

On a past stroll through Seongsu we had spotted this place, but were already too caffeinated to have another pour-over. So we came back and finally checked out the new kid on the block at Seoul Forrest: Greyt Coffee.

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Opened in November 2017, the place clearly got popular over the winter, and now in early spring it is very busy. The design is very minimalist, clean. The two brothers running the place had a well thought-through approach to this place. We had a chance to talk with them for quite a while and they are the nicest managers/owners you could imagine.

The design was done by the younger brother, whereas the older one is the boss when it comes to coffee, roasting, etc.

It is the small, lovely details that make this cafe special. They are baking pastries based on their mother’s recipes (tasty!), they constantly try to expand the menu and already discuss plans to expand.

The coffee menu is very short, but the older brother roasts the beans himself: ‘Believe me, I burned many, many beans at first.’ But it seems he figured out how to get the best out of the raw material sourced from Fritz Coffee!

Preparation was spotless. Not only was there a lot of attention to detail already during the grinding of beans, but also during the rest of the pour. All components were rinsed thoroughly, grounds were pre-infused and had plenty of time to bloom, and scale and timer were nearby.

The result was a truly tasty cup of coffee with what we thought was a light berry note and some Orange – but even more important: the coffee was perfect with the home-made mum-recipe based banana bread.

We really enjoyed spending time at this cafe and it is definitely a new favorite in this very trendy neighborhood.

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