Underyard Hannam – brunch, and some coffee

In Hannam, we stopped by a relatively new brunch spot to see what their coffee game was up to: Underyard.

Naver maps link: 언더야드 한남동

Google maps:

To be transparent, this place is not primarily about coffee, but about toasts, avocados and anything brunch. So the fact that Underyard serves pour-over coffee at all is already a surprise.

When we visited, only beans from Costa Rica were available; freshly roasted by Fritz Coffee only a few days before.

Preparation was overall decent. Beans were measured first, and after a short blooming, the barista stirred the grounds with a wooden spoon. Not my preferred way, but popular among some. After that, the rest of water followed in a big pour – the total pour was done in under 2 minutes, a little on the fast side.

The result was a nutty cup of coffee, with a bit of chocolate. Overall ok, and probably even nicer if you have time for brunch, too.

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