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Cafe Lalo Pangyo – lake-side Clever-fans

A little drive South of Seoul, in Pangyo / Bundang, we went to a see what a little cafe by a pond had to offer: Cafe Lalo.

Naver maps link: Cafe Lalo 카페랄로판교

Google maps:

The cafe was very busy on that Sunday afternoon and most people were trying to secure seats by the windows. A beautiful view of the little pond (or lake?), despite the rainy weather.

There were a lot of different beans available for drip-coffee, and they were mostly very freshly roasted.

Unfortunately, they use a Clever to brew the coffee – many people like it for ease of use, but I am personally a bigger fan of real pour-over.

The result was a decent cup, but nothing much special about the taste. The cheese cake on the side was really nice, though – and that funky strawberry latte, too, as surprising as that sounds.

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