Green Holiday Ganghwa – beautiful villa without other frills

Green Holiday is another cafe on Ganghwa Island, an hour North West of central Seoul. It seems like a former private villa that was converted to a cafe – in a very beautiful way.

Naver maps link: 강화도 그린홀리데이

Google maps:

The central part of the cafe may have been a living room once, and the seating area also stretches into the upper floor as well as into smaller side rooms. For us, the highlight was the very big terrace that provides a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Whoever used to live here had it very nice.

Green Holiday seems to be a brunch place, but they don’t really have a lot of brunch options – most people seem to come for the bread (unclear why, but so be it).

There are a lot of beans available for coffee:

What then didn’t make us too happy was the sight of some dripper that reminded us of a Clever – and had not much to do with pour-over. Also, the person making the coffee said to never have used it before. All not too encouraging.

The result was a super thin tasting cup, really not much there (maybe also because after the quick brew he added more water to it).

The place is beautiful, the food ok, the coffee not that outstanding – come for the view, especially if you like to explore what their bread is all about.

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