카페매화마름 Ganghwa – refreshing island trip

Only an hour drive North East of central Seoul, we went to explore Ganghwa Island. Also here, there is no shortage in cafes – first one on the list was 매화마름 (oddly named after swamp land not too far from here).

Naver maps link: 카페매화마름

Google maps:

The cafe is in a beautiful spot, with a nice view of the surrounding fields. It includes not only plenty of inside seats, but more importantly also a beautiful terrace.

The coffee menu was quite impressive with plenty of beans to choose from:

Preparation was pretty average overall. Components were nicely rinsed and pre heated. But the brown paper filter was not rinsed – always a risk to affect the taste of the cup negatively. Also, no scale or timer was used to ensure a consistent end product. But the pour was slow and well timed by intuition, landing at 3 minutes sharp.

The result was a decent cup of coffee, but the best part was the sun and the cheese cake – enjoyed in the surprisingly fresh spring air.

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