Owl Coffee House Basque Country – eye-opening detour

On our drive from Bilbao to San Sebastian in the Basque Country, we veered of course a little bit to make sure to stop by at Owl Coffee.

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The cafe is located in a cute small town called Sopela, in a fairly residential neighborhood. It is surprisingly spacious and beautifully designed with the bar as a center piece and a large number of tables all around it.

When we visited there was a large lunch party going on, but the baristas still took a lot of time for us and were super friendly.

Even more surprising: although it was super loud and busy, the barista took full time and focus to brew our coffee. Preparation was great altogether. Rinsing of dripper and filter, usage of scale and timer, and a quiet hand – all there.

The result was an eye-opening cup of coffee in many ways. It had a really flashy bright citrus acidity, combined with a light bit of brown sugar sweetness.

Noteworthy: the chocolate cake as well as the açai bowl were fantastic. If you find yourself with a bit of time for a minor detour, do it and check this place out!

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