C’alma Porto – coffee in an exclusive space

We wanted to make sure we also check out one of the newest places for pour-over coffee in Porto, Portugal – so we stopped by C’alma – Specialty Coffee Room.

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The location is something very special! The cafe is located in the ground floor of a former exclusive social club. This is probably where rich families met in a space well separated from the normal folks.

Today, you can roam and explore relatively freely and it feels a bit like a time capsule. All furniture in this place, except in the room that C’alma calls home, looks like straight from the first half of the 20th century. Including pensioners playing backgammon and watching movies on the smallest TVs.

There is even a rugby sports bar in the basement – plenty to explore!

C’alma settled into one of the bright rooms on the street-facing side of the building. Plenty seats by the window will surely even get you a chance to take a photo of Porto’s little yellow train passing by on the steep road.

The barista Tim was really friendly and walked us through all the different beans they offer. All of them are pre-portioned for the grinder and easily ready for a little smell test. They roast some own beans and also have a rotation from outside.

The place opened mid 2018, but everything was already very well running. Preparation of the pour-overs was as it should be.

Components were rinsed to heat them up and ensure consistent brewing temperature, but also to get rid of residual tastes. The Acaia scale and timer was properly used and the result was some really tasty cups.

Definitely go and check out this place, no regrets.

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