Sleepy Bear Coffee Lausanne – Switzerland waking up to good coffee

During a short visit to Switzerland, we stopped by Lausanne and one remarkably sleepy morning stopped by one of the few specialty coffee places of the city: Sleepy Bear Coffee Shop.

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The cafe is a mini walk away from the train station in central Lausanne. It is small, but relatively easy to find.

The owner and barista was super nice and welcoming, and clearly excited to share his passion with his guests.

Beans are roasted in a small machine on-site – and it seemed relatively new and still in experimental stage.

Preparation of the Ethiopian Sidamo was pretty decent. Carafe, dripper and filter got a good hot water rinse to heat and clean them. The pour was on the faster side and done in one go instead of intervals – but each barista has their own school of doing this.

The result was arguably very tasty. A surprisingly rich mix of cacao and bitter chocolate – not very typical for Sidamo, but good.

If you are in Lausanne, make sure to stop by and take the opportunity to see how specialty coffee is slowly making an entrance in Switzerland, too.

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