Coffee@works Seoul station – the usual deal: a good one

Roaming around Seoul station and in a desperate need for significant caffeine intake, we went to to check out the local coffee@works branch.

Naver maps link: 커피앳웍스
서울 용산구 한강대로 366

Google maps:

We have always been a fan of the Gangnam station branch. It may be a franchise, but they do know what they’re doing. Starbucks Reserve is a franchise, too – and so far we have not yet had any decent pour-over in any of their stores. So credit where credit is due.

The coffee menu is the usual, changing every couple of weeks and usually also including a seasonal blend.

Preparation was top notch. Even the ice for the iced pour-over was weighed. Components rinsed, pour timed, all there.

The Sidamo had a juicy grape flavor mixed with a not so surprising bit of raisin – really almost the same. Definitely tasty. And we would definitely recommend to check this place out.

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