Toby’s Estate Singapore – juicy brew by the river

In Singapore, too, specialty coffee is happening – slowly but surely. We stopped by Toby’s Estate by Robertson Quay.

Google maps:

With plenty of seating outside and inside there is something for every temperature preference. For us, given classic Singapore heat, A/C was the way to go.

The interior is dominated by a large table; and as we visited during Halloween weekend plenty of pumpkins joined the party.

As for beans, the selection was not huge, but the menu was extremely detailed and helpful to figure out what best suits your preference:

Coffee was brewed on a V60 and all process was as it should be: paper filter and dripper were rinsed to clean them from residual taste and heat them up in order to ensure consistent brewing temperature; also the rest followed suit with a well-timed and -executed pour.

The La Cascada Bernando beans from Nicaragua were quite spectacular as a result: one of the juiciest brews, a soft strawberry note with a light liquorice finish. It was quite something.

Definitely stop by and integrate Toby’s into your Singapore tour.

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