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Tucked away in a side street of what we like to call the ‘hipster triangle’ – the area just South of Itaewon-daero, East of the Cheil building, stuffed with selfie-friendly places – we went to check out a gallery/cafe: Kontemporary1.

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서울 용산구 이태원로54길 48

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Exhibitions change, and we visited in December 2018 there was a David Hockney photo exhibition.

But the place is primarily cafe and the gallery is an attachment, not the other way around like in many cases. So, coffee is taken quite seriously.

The baristas were operating up to three V60s on Acaia scales in parallel. And preparation was as it should be: consistently components were rinsed to erase residual taste, especially of paper filters, and also to heat things up. They made good use of the Acaias as well.

A nice bonus were the very fancy cups that felt like they would keep coffee hot for days.

All in all an easy recommendation, with great coffee brewing and a good opportunity to put the caffeinated brain cells in action in front of some art.

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