Blue Bottle Tokyo Ropponggi – this one works

We have visited some Blue Bottle cafes in the US before, and so far have never been too enthusiastic about the franchise. Maybe things in Tokyo are different? Enter Blue Bottle Ropponggi.

Google maps:

This location is largely unpretentious, situated in the ground floor of an office tower. But with floor to ceiling windows and light colors, it is a setup that works.

There are a few seats only, but probably a large share of people stop by for takeout anyways. As always in Blue Bottle, the pour over bar is prominently placed in the center of the cafe, with a friendly barista right by it.

Bean options were a blend and a single origin from Uganda.

In this case, preparation of the pour over was spotless. As always, the brown filter did not get rinsed – but Blue Bottle claims there is no need for it with theirs. Other than that, the dripper and the carafe were heated up, the Acaia scale and timer was a close partner of the barista, too.

The result was a really beautifully floral, light cherry note cup of coffee. Really enjoyed it – and the sandwich was a winner, too.

After all, success and happiness at a Blue Bottle cafe!

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