Koffee Mameya Tokyo – design magnet

Not far from Tokyo’s Omote-Sando station we had the chance to add a fairly unique cafe to our caffeine-tour: Koffee Mameya.

Google maps:

Koffee Mameya does not have or really need a sign. It stands out by not really standing out and being simply pretty:

The gold shimmering design element that signals that you found the entrance picks up the structure of the menu and also the wall behind the baristas:

The wait may look grim at first, but Koffee Mameya does not have seating. So nobody stays for too long. Still, baristas are always suggesting to stay and sip your fresh brew inside – no rush, people.

The inside is small but somebody designed this with a lot of thought. Simple, elegant, functional.

The menu is easy to understand and is grouped by darkness of roast primarily. They do have many different beans, including international guest roasts from Code Black and La Cabra.

More than anything there is a lot of focus on the guest. The baristas spend a lot of time explaining and discussing bean and brew options.

When we bought beans, they also advised on brew times and coarseness of grind. Too be fair, those tips were pretty generic and appeared a bit on the marketing-side…

But the pour-over was prepared in perfect fashion. Dripper and filter was rinsed with hot water to clean and heat it. The barista took plenty of time and focus to make sure the bean’s life was worth it.

The Kenyan La Cabra beans were extremely clean tasting, with a mix of Rooibos tea notes. Really tasty!

Definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re looking for a good variety of beans to choose from.

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