Cafe de Fazenda – spotty coffee spot

We had heard about this cafe from a follower a while ago, and now finally managed to check it out: Cafe de Fazenda in Yongsan.

Naver maps link: 카페 드 파젠다 서울 용산구 서빙고로51길 64

Google maps:

The cafe stretches over 2 floors, with the 2nd probably destined for extended study and date sessions.

There is a lot of attention put into the setup and details, for example a whole line of syphon brewers along the brew bar.

Plenty of beans to choose from too:

Preparation was very spotty, though: Brown paper filters were used but not rinsed, also carafe and dripper were not heated up. Also, there was no scale or timer anywhere – so a really consistent pour would probably be hard to achieve.

But then again the barista did take a lot of time and focus on the brew and the beans were clearly very fresh as there was plenty of blooming going on:

The place could be worth checking out if you’re in the area, and we will check back in to see if this was just a different kind of day.

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