Kaffeefabrik Vienna – tradition meets modern

On a trip to Vienna, we very quickly realized that the city has a very rich history and culture around coffee. Mostly this is centered around coffee houses though and it is not yet easy to find places for specialty coffee. But there are a few, for example Kaffeefabrik.

Google maps:

The shop is fairly small but cosy and the team working there was very welcoming and friendly.

They’re building their own little European (bean) Union by purchasing together with other small cafes across Europe but then roasting locally.

Pour-over preparation was nicely detail-oriented and all components were rinsed to get rid of after tastes and heat them up. Also scale and timer were the baristas close friends.

To finish things off – on a slightly unrelated note – we got a demo of the latte art: a ferriswheel. Quite a move!

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