The Barn Café Kranzler Berlin – alive and kicking

The Barn has been around for many years, but lately has expanded into new locations quite a bit. One of them is one of the most traditional cafes in West Berlin: Café Kranzler.

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Café Kranzler originally opened already in the 1800s, but became a true icon after World War II. Then, it was one of the social hotspots in the Western part of the divided city.

Unfortunately things had not been going well for a while and around the year 2000 Café Kranzler had closed its doors. The Barn has now revived the spirits, and oh my have they done a great job!

The location is absolutely unique, with an almost 360 view around the area from inside the cafe. This view gets even better when you get a seat outside, either along the benches by the windows or on the large terrace.

There is a lot of space, ready for large crowds.

The operations on the inside are clearly a well-oiled machine. When we visited on an early spring, sunny Saturday it was crazy busy. But it meant nothing more than a few minutes wait.

There is a separate brew bar, too, with different beans to choose from.

The pour over preparation was on point. The barista was brewing non-stop, but all stayed super calm and focused. Paper filters were rinsed, so was dripper and carafe.

The pour itself was very properly done, with scale and timer always in check.

Not only was the ‘delivery’ of our beverages timed perfectly, but they were also really tasty. The Rwandan beans really did give notes of cherries.

We definitely recommend this place for a coffee stop – you can’t miss it!

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