Nylon Singapore – treasure hunt ahead

Now, this is one that is really well hidden: Nylon Coffee Roasters in Singapore.

Google maps:

It is very possible you – as many before – get dropped off or walk around the wrong side of the building for a while. Keep searching, you will find it. Maybe our photos help:

The cafe is really pretty small, and it is impressive how much space they dedicated to roasting their beans.

Last practical tip: bring cash or a NETS card.

The crew is super friendly and far away from some of the third wave arrogance we have met. The shop was busy, but all of the staff made an effort to connect and have us feel welcome.

The brew on Kalita Wave was perfect. Filters and carafe were rinsed, a timer and scale were used to ensure consistent brews over time, too.

And the result was a fantastic cup full of notes of black currant. A perfect way to combat the heat and humidity in the red dot.

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