decentre blockchain cafe – because it’s a thing

In Seoul we see it often that cafes are really going the extra mile to stand out. No wonder, as there are thousands of cafes already and competition is tough. On the back of cryptocurrency craze, a crypto cafe opened near Sinnonhyeon station in Gangnam: decentre.

Naver maps link: 디센트레 블록체인카페
서울 강남구 봉은사로 105

The cafe is basically a large working space, with huge tables, smaller booths for groups, power plugs on every seat.

All around are also huge screens to make sure you keep track on crypto news and tickers.

As far as coffee goes, the setup is modern and clean, and there were 5 different beans available for pour-over coffee.

The preparation was overall very solid. The only minor mishap was that paper filters were not rinsed, which can leave an after taste in the brew. But then, the barista made good use of the scale and the brew finished right around 3 minutes. So all seemed in check.

The result was a malt sweet, chocolate rich cup of Ethiopian coffee.

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