Laboremus Takamatsu – double the happiness

This city is a little less visited than many others, but still worth it: Takamatsu (高松) in Japan’s Kagawa prefecture.

Specialty coffee is big in Japan, so it was not too hard to locate a place to get pour-over coffee: Laboremus.

Google maps:

The city of Takamatsu is a major port and also the departure point for ferries to Naoshima, an island turned art installation. That island definitely belongs on a lot of people’s bucket list!

The cafe is located in a very central location, and the setup is a nice mix of communal tables and individual spots to sip and think away.

The coffee menu changes frequently, but when we visited there were – among others – some promising Kenyan beans. The cafe has a small roaster inside the cafe, so everything is done here!

The preparation of our pour-over was perfect in itself: components were rinsed to clean and warm them up for better brewing consistency, timer and scale was used, and the pour was super careful and slow. To make it even better: the barista made 2 pour overs in parallel, with the same attention to detail.

The result was a very sour, dark cherry tasting cup. Super refreshing on this early Summer day!

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