Terremoto Coffee NY – Jasmine punch, not cheap

A few steps from the Highline park in New York, there is a good alternative to the many (and gigantic) Starbucks in Chelsea: Terremoto Coffee.

Google maps:

Naturally integrated in a small side street, they also have some seats outside to enjoy the beautiful spring day. And the construction zone should be gone soon – hopefully.

We have to be upfront with one thing: specialty coffee is never cheap and we are ok paying a bit more – but 9 dollars for a pour-over (and even 13 for some beans) is a bit of a stretch.

The preparation process was very solid. Filters and dripper were rinsed to clean and heat up, and timers and scale were used. Just the brew was on the longer side, coming in at almost 4 minutes.

Even more astonishing then, how heavy in flowery Jasmine the cup was.

Overall, a great cup in a cute spot – but that’s what you expect for what you’re paying.

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