SchopBean Takamatsu – more options than you can take

Continuing our tour through the small Japanese port town of Takamatsu, we next stopped at Schop Bean (スコップビーン).

Google maps:

The cafe is small and it is part of a half open-air mall. They roast their beans right on site. This has the great side effect that the whole mall smells like freshly roasted beans!

They have dozens of different beans for sale, and pick a small selection of those for brewing in the cafe. And the whole crew is very smiley:

The preparation was swift, just the paper filter was not rinsed at the beginning.

More than anything, we were surprised to actually find this many options for pour-over coffee here. The taste of this brew of Kenyan beans was fairly dark and bitter, maybe not an all time favorite. But with the many options available we are confident there should be a bean for everybody.

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