Loft 230 – refreshing approach

To open a new cafe in Itaewon is quite a brave undertaking, considering the already high density and the rent craziness of landlords. A fairly new, independent cafe we stumbled on despite it all: Loft 230 (or 230 Slow? Naming is a bit confusing, especially with parallel Instagram accounts..)Naver maps link: 로프트230
서울 용산구 이태원로 230Google maps:
The place seems personal, with quite a lot of individual items placed all around. A different vibe from the faceless neighbors.There is also a bar at night on the 3rd floor, but coffee action happens on the 2nd only.The barista was very passionate and serious about his beans, friendly and able to recommend us away from what we had in mind and towards a more heat-compatible brew.The only surprise was that by default only Clevers are used. But it didn’t take much to get him to make a regular pour-over with a Hario, much appreciated.Even more surprising then that the pour-over coffee preparation was spotless. Filter, dripper and carafe were rinsed with hot water to clean and pre-heat them. Also a scale and timer was in full use.The brew of beans from Panama were indeed really heavy in wine notes and still nicely refreshing.The mini Madeleines were a nice little sweet bonus. Go visit and enjoy good coffee, along with some jazzy beats.

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