Steel Coffee Paris – caffeinated cyclists ahead

On the way to the airport, after a very brief visit to Paris, we stopped by one of the few cafes in Paris that offer pour over: Steel Coffee Shop.

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We don’t know what was first: bike shop or specialty coffee. And it doesn’t matter because the overlap of people with either passion is quite significant. A great mix!

Staff is friendly and curious, unlike in many other local cafes they wanted to get to know us and share the passion.

Coffee is taken very seriously. As we visited during the summer heat, our friendly barista was very concerned how precise the grind could be due to heat influencing the grinder – nice!

Beans are roasted locally and we were lucky enough to get our hand on same Kenyan beans roasted 10 days prior. Perfect timing.

Preparation was spotless, from rinsing and heating up components to a precise brew and attention to detail.

The result was a fantastic cup of coffee, really rich and full of raspberry notes. Nice and clean.

The cafe may not be right next to the Eiffel tower, but it definitely worth a little detour – maybe en route to the airport?

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