Kahisakan Otaru – classic coffee house

During our Hokkaido trip, we also came through the small and cute town of Otaru. A classic stop, known for the little canals by the old harbor area. In Otaru, we came by Kahisakan.

Google maps:

The place looks like a fairly standard cafe, with some old school coffee house touch.

The coffee selection was very extensive though, and coffee really is the core element in this place. Most of the beans are roasted on site as well.

Preparation was extremely carefully and well executed. Dripper and filters were rinsed, and the barista kept and extremely close eye on timer and scale throughout.

As often in Japan, the roasts tend to be on the darker side. Even choosing the brightest beans didn’t change much.

The Costa Rican coffee had a sweet, almond chestnut finish that was quite nice on a chilly day and definitely woke us up!

Nice place, would probably visit again if ever in town again.