Review: Unostylez Gooseneck Pour-Over Kettle

One of the keys to a good pour-over coffee is the ability to actually pour properly. A water kettle is not the most glamorous piece of equipment, but it is so important in the overall process.

The team at Unostylez provided us a free sample to review their pour over kettle and so we happily did.

Unboxing is always exciting, and the package had arrived very fast as promised. Well-packaged, all safe and without troubles. Could there be less plastic? Always.

We really like the design, even though it does look very similar to some other products in the market. Or is because it looks familiar?

One of the nice features is the integrated thermometer, featuring a Celsius and a Fahrenheit scale, as well as a marker for ‘ideal temperature’ range.

Standard, simple, still nice

We are typically heating the water on a gas stove, and were excited to see that the kettle is built for that. It also works with electric or induction, probably even better. Especially as gas takes some time.

One thing to watch out for, especially with gas stoves: heat transported into the handle. Some kettles have metal handles – that is just a design fail. This one has a thick plastic one and it does get warm, but nothing to worry about.

The only area of improvement are 2 small metal screws on the inside of the handle. Those get fairly hot and you want to avoid touching those while pouring.

The kettle is nicely balanced for the pour. We have now brewed a good dozen coffees with it, and are very impressed with the handling. There is no way to objectively assess this, but it just feels nice and good. Apologies for the lack of science and poetry at the same time.

Water inside easily keeps the temperature for a while. Insulation seems to be proper. For the 5 minutes of total process (including rinsing filters and all pre brew), water temperature stays nicely within the range. Even though we only heated up a fairly small amount – just enough to get the job done.

The price of this kettle is typically just under 30 USD including taxes. That would definitely be a good argument, especially for caffeine enthusiasts on a budget. And who isn’t?!

We enjoyed reviewing our sample and would definitely recommend it. Well-balanced handling, temperature consistency and only a minor design area for improvement at a really good price point. Try it out and let us know what you think, too!

If you want to check this product out further: Unostylez on Amazon. Disclaimer: we may get a super small commission – helps pay the bill for website hosting.

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