The Visit Coffee Berlin – worth a… stop-over

Great to see that Berlin is more and more getting into specialty coffee. Every visit, we see more cafes popping up and this is very exciting!

On the last visit, we stopped by (or visited?!) Visit Coffee.

Google maps:

The place is a bit hard to spot, but you will sure find it:

Even early in the morning, the cafe was starting to get busy with people unpacking their laptops and probably starting to occupy spots for hours (personally, not a fan, as cafes need to make money – but let’s hope they stay caffeinated!).

For pour-over coffee, multiple beans were available, including some from Kenya and El Salvador.

Preparation of pour-over was absolutely on spot. All the components were rinsed, including the filter; this way not only will brewing temperatures be more stable, but also residual taste is washed out.

The result of a 3.5 minute brew was a beautiful cup of coffee. We were a little distracted while drinking it, as the brunch food on the side was exceptionally tasty as well.

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