Drip Brooklyn – 2021 off to a good start

When we visited, we had a long 6ft distanced chat with the owner Nigel and noticed how much we missed these conversations (thanks, Covid).

We had our eyes on this cafe ever since it opened in early 2020. A very purpose-designed and -built store and the love for coffee shining through every post.

He has a lot of different beans on the shelves, from a number of super interesting roasters. Fritz Coffee from Seoul and The Barn from Berlin, among many others. And apparently he already scaled back, wow!

No surprise that preparation was spotless, from filter rinsing and pre heating components, to carefully crafting and brewing.

We tried the Gleidis Camacho Delagua from Black and White, it was a mega fruit bomb. It’s been a long time since we had so much berry and citrus taste. Outstanding.

We also tried the Abera Degela from Monogram, and it was also excellent. Peach notes among others, just so tasty as well.

Overall definitely an early peak to the 2021 pour over hunt (it being early January now…). We will be back, soon!

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