Elixr Philadelphia – distanced goodness

After a while of no travels at all, we left New York for a trip through Philadelphia. As any other city, sensible Covid-restrictions are in place (as of December 2020). This means no indoor dining, or coffee drinking.

Location #1:

Location #2:

The first hello to the Philadelphia coffee scene happened at Elixr. Hailed as one of the staples in the city, they have 2 locations and we visited both.

In short, we were blown away by their pour overs. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get close enough for some good photos, but the preparation was totally on point.

Chemex-based brewing that included everything from rinsed filters to timing and measuring water amounts. Total happiness.

At both locations, staff was extremely cautious to minimize touch points (a good thing, of course!), yet super friendly.

We remember the extreme richness of the brews – but unfortunaly couldn’t remember what beans we chose at the time. In both locations they had 4 different beans to choose from. You will surely find something that makes you happy.

Worth a visit, no doubt.

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