Coffee Project NY East Village

As New York is slowly filling up with people again, our to score some pour over are also increasing. Understandably, most cafes stopped serving it for a long time to reduce the spread of the virus.

On a late winter stroll through the East Village, we had a chance to stop by Coffee Project NY and were amazed by their game.

Link to Google Maps

The space is small but really beautiful and they also have plenty of socially distanced seating right outside.

The menu for pour over even includes ice options right away (which no matter the weather can be great, especially for the fruitier, citrusy coffees – full amateur opinion only…). Prices aren’t cheap, but they shouldn’t be if the beans are sourced right.

Preparation was as impeccable as it could be. Not only are there cheat sheets for all the beans (probably with grind settings and timing). They even took the time to grind a few beans solo first, to clean through the grinder prior to the main load. Simple step, but something almost nobody does – clean grind ahead!

The pour itself was by the books as well. All components rinsed, weighed, timed, close attention to detail all the way. No parallel latte-making to distract.

We had the Eduviges Panche from Colombia and loved the dark berry punch it brought. Especially on ice, the blackcurrant came out extremely crisp.

Love the place, will be back!

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