Snowy Owl in Brewster, Cape Cod

On a rainy day driving around Cape Cod, we stopped by one of the Snowy Owl cafes. As of mid 2021, they have 3 locations sprinkled along the Cape. We visited the one in Brewster.

Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters
+1 774-323-0605

The scent of freshly roasted beans was all over the parking lot already, a great welcome. The inside is beautiful, a wooden shed with space to hang out for a while. When we visited due to Covid restrictions it was a ‘takeout only’ kind of day though.

Bean options were plentiful, really exciting to see the mix of single originals and also some own experiements:

Menu as of May 2021

We were not shocked that the brewing process was by the books. Beans were carefully weighed, filters and other components rinsed to remove residual taste and heat them up. Full single person focus on scale and timer during the brew, instead of catering to 15 other milk-base-focused aficionados in parallel.

Most of all, staff was very friendly and helpful throughout. All this despite the (necessary and right) burden of wearing masks for the full shift.

Took some of their beans home as a souvenir, and would definitely visit again!

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