Cebe Coffee Berlin – good to be back

After many months of not traveling internationally, finally back in Berlin. It seems that despite Covid, many new cafes have opened up and keep pushing the local coffee scene.

We swung by Cebe Coffee Roasters to try their beans and beat the Jetlag.

Cebe Coffee Roasters Kaffeerösterei Google Maps Link

A great space with plenty seating, nicely distanced of course. Also a bonus: the morning sun shines bright through the large windows.

Opened in mid 2020, they have a very complete coffee menu, and a couple of interesting looking breakfast options along with it. We only tried their croissant, and it was very very tasty!

For pour over coffee, a large number of beans roasted in house were available. We got a patient walk-through of all of them, and went for the Ethiopian option.

Preparation on Chemex was recommended (V60 was the alternative), and it was pretty spotless. Filters and components rinsed, scale and timer used carefully. The only odd thing was to use a large Chemex for a single serving instead of using a smaller one (but I guess you can make it work if the grind is fairly fine to get sufficient brew time despite the larger flow of the big Chemex).

Result was a berry-full tasty cup of coffee that totally made our morning (and the Latte with some bean-based milk wasn’t our favorite but totally fine. Likely just the milk taste that is a but atypical).

Will be back, as soon as ‘they’ let us!

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