What is pour-over?

Making coffee can be simple. But crafting good coffee takes practice, the right tools, good water, fresh beans – and a bit of luck.
Here some articles to help you understand pour-over coffee:

How do we review cafés?

We keep it simple. We know and love the personal, human element in pour-over coffee more than anything. But to keep our approach to reviews somewhat consistent, we look at the following criteria:

Must-have elements:

  • People: Specialty coffee is about sharing a passion – help us learn and experience it together
  • Precision: Usage of scales (for beans/grind and water), thermometer and timers
  • Process: Rinsing of dripper, carafe, filter and cups (to clean and heat up), and the pouring technique itself

Bonus elements:

  • Product: Taste
  • Place: Cafe design / layout